Market Analysis

ReStore Market Analytics works with retailers, financial institutions and consumer goods organizations to help optimize their store, branch and distribution networks. Our holistic approach, which includes analysis of detailed geo-demographic data, customers and competitors, produces a cohesive vision to keep the network the correct size, in the right locations, targeting the right people at the right price points. Building on over two decades of experience, ReStore Market Analytics offers two unique programs to help optimize the store network, regardless of size or location:

Retail Builder

Through our Retail Builder program we develop a store strategy that includes both the brick and mortar and alternative delivery channels to ensure the network remains vibrant and competitive. This comprehensive approach includes:

  • Market Analysis – We measure the geo-demographic composition of a particular market area and use customer segmentation to quantify the spend potential that exists.
  • Competitive Analysis – We survey and map all competitors within a store trade area, market and region, including: hours of business, size, location attributes (free-standing, enclosed mall)
  • Strategic Planning – We create a rolling three-year store blueprint that encompasses: new store locations, expansions, closures, relocations, renovations, non-traditional outlets.
  • Store Standards– We establish multiple standard store templates that include: footprints, layouts, staffing, hours, capital cost and sales expectations.

Retail Compass

Our Retail Compass program examines the complete customer experience from both a brand efficiency and effectiveness perspective. This comprehensive approach includes:

  • Market Segmentation – By using various demographic and lifestyle variables we divide the population base of a given trade area into a number of unique clusters.
  • Customer Segmentation – Once the market has been segmented into distinct clusters, we assign individual customers to those groupings.
  • Look-a-Like – We identify prospective clients who are similar in lifestyle, age, income etc. with the existing client base.
  • Store Performance – We measure the sales success/failure against the market potential.
  • Channel Integration – We help to blend together a store real estate blueprint with alternative customer channels such as on-line shopping.
  • Capital Allocation– We help allocate the deployment of capital dollars for the purposes of constructing new store locations, store relocations, store renovations and store expansions.

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