ReStore Franchising is designed to provide leading retailers, franchisors and franchisees with access to best-in-class global site selection and market analysis, tenant representation, acquisition/disposition, property management and other retail real estate advisory services. This vital service offering enables chain stores to prudently and profitability manage, optimize and expand their retail real estate network on a local, nationwide and/or global basis.

ReStore is a one-stop shop for retailers and retail property owners with multi-faceted global real estate needs. We enable our clients to maximize the value of their most important asset—their real estate—by delivering the most comprehensive, cost-effective and fully integrated real estate solutions.

ReStore Franchising can help retailers, franchisors and franchisees with the following services:

  • Global Market Analytics: We use a holistic approach to help chain stores optimize their store and distribution networks. This includes analysis of detailed geo-demographic data, customers and competitors, all down to street level granularity seamlessly across 65 countries. This produces a cohesive vision to keep the network the correct size, in the right locations, targeting the right people at the right price points.
  • Tenant Representation: We first utilize the “SAS” (Site Attribute Survey)developed by our global market analytics group to pinpoint site selection more accurately. SAS lays out the metrics and parameters historically shared by all “A” stores and translates them into acceptable ranges and site selection criteria for each chain within each market. This enables our local Tenant Representation Specialists in over 350 markets, working closely together with our national and global retail teams, to implement each retailer’s strategic expansion plans with greater reliability and consistency. We also are able to help retailers cut costs through a process that includes market analyses, identification of alternatives, negotiation of incentives, comparative property, infrastructure and financial analyses and lease negotiation.
  • New Development and Leasing: Through our locally owned offices, we know and work closely with local officials, property owners, financial institutions, investors, merchants and strategic development partners in each community. So we can flexibly procure and develop first choice targeted locations- whether leased, ground-leased, acquired or a sale-leaseback. We can also help pre-lease properties with synergistic co-tenants or develop the excess land separately for that purpose.
  • Dispositions, Investment Sales and Sale-Leasebacks: In a retail disposition industry filled with middlemen who may take on assignments only to farm out much of the heavy lifting to local brokers like ours, we can take on these assignments directly, and pass on more savings to you. To unlock some or all of the value in any your retail properties, our incredible technology and local and global infrastructure mean we can bring your dispositions to the attention of interested merchants and investors worldwide.
  • International: We offer the most comprehensive market coverage of any global real estate services provider. Like all brokerage firms, we have offices in all of the major markets. What really sets us apart is our coverage of secondary and tertiary markets worldwide. What’s more, most of our offices are owned and staffed by local experts with deep roots and strong ties to the local community – people who understand the local market dynamics and know how to get things done. Combine this market knowledge with our geo-demographic analytic studies of 65 countries and we can help franchisors and franchisees successfully penetrate any international market with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Property Management: Our experienced management team can assess the overall strengths and weaknesses of a property and present a comprehensive plan designed to maximize its value and potential. We develop relationships with each tenant and work hand-in-hand with asset managers and leasing agents to implement effective tenant-retention and leasing strategies. Our manages over 200 million square feet of commercial properties in primary, secondary and tertiary markets around the world.
  • Matchmaking: With 5,000 real estate professionals and 350 offices in 55 countries, ReStore is able to leverage our database and relationships with leading franchisors and franchisees worldwide. We can facilitate introductions, foster synergistic relationships and help create successful retail joint ventures, franchises or licensing relationships between global retailers, partners, franchisors and franchisees.