Why hire ReStore to handle any and all of your international retail real estate needs?

No one covers more ground and knows the ways of the world better than ReStore. As the Retail Practice of ReStore, we have over 5,000 professionals and 375 offices in 55 countries. What does that mean to retailers and property owners with cross-border requirements? More experts covering more markets than any other commercial real estate services firm in the world.

We provide state of the art geo-demographic analytics studies for 65 countries so our clients don’t have to drive through Rome without a roadmap. Utilizing the most reliable quarterly updated university data for primary, secondary and tertiary markets worldwide, we create tailored strategic blueprints for optimal store sequencing, enabling our clients to more prudently and profitably penetrate international markets. Our comprehensive analytics studies can be run at national, state, city, quadrant, catchment zone and street level layers of granularity, and include but are not limited to: Look-Alike Customer Profiles, “Dogs and Stars” Studies, Retail Gap Analyses, Share of Wallet Studies, Customer and Market Segmentation Studies, Catchment Zone Definition and Video Mapping.

Having the right pilot makes all the difference. As owner-operators of highly successful cross-border retail ventures, ReStore’s principals bring years of international retail experience and practice what they preach. David Solomon, President & CEO of ReStore, is also a co-founder/owner of Toys “R” Us Israel, a 20-store franchise of the world’s leading toy chain. More recently, he bought the North American rights and successfully transplanted an Israeli retail concept to the U.S. The company was sold to a subsidiary of McDonald’s that is now in over 7,000 locations nationwide. And, George Anderson, Vice President of ReStore Market Analytics, opened banks in 50 countries over a 20-year career as Vice President of Real Estate for Scotia Bank.

Our award-winning, proprietary REALTrac™ Online technology platform brings speed and efficiency to the transaction process as well. REALTrac™ enables our clients to seamlessly track and monitor all tasks of all assignments anywhere in the world 24/7 online and renders broker-client phone tag obsolete. It also allows for all files (site plans, architectural renderings, lease abstracts, spreadsheets, rent rolls) in all formats (CAD, Adobe, Excel, Word) to be easily uploaded and downloaded. Best yet, our automatic email generator ensures clients and team members can easily work collaboratively worldwide by making all relevant parties aware of when tasks have been initiated, revised and completed.completed.

By bringing an unsurpassed level of knowledge, resources and experience to call on for your strategic international retail expansion efforts, ReStore knows what it takes to transplant stores successfully on foreign soil.