Drawing on decades of experience working with clients on individual projects and portfolios, ReStore has assembled a comprehensive array of services, Cross-Border Services, including:

Cross-Border Services

Tenant Representation

Landlord/Owner Representation

Acquisition/Investment Services

Geo-Demographic Analysis

Property Management


Contact (Call) Center/Site Selection Services

Supply Chain Solutions

Market Analytics

Special Value-Added Capabilities

ReStore leverages the local market knowledge and expertise of our specialists worldwide to provide our clients with an inside track on the best opportunities. For example, ReStore provides state of the art geo-demographic mapping and customer segmentation solutions that bring a geo-demographic capacity to our site selection, strategic work and segmentation analysis. This allows our clients to receive leading edge census and mapping data that dissects consumer purchases, customer profiles, and trade area data through countless variations to the finest degree. Before we find the right real estate, ReStore Analytics works with retailers to find markets that offer the right profile for their stores. Often we find development sites that are either too large for a particular client’s needs alone or that may require local development contacts and expertise. We have access to the capital, lenders and developers nationwide who can help make these sites a reality for our clients. We also have the ability to contribute additional equity and pre-leasing expertise so great opportunities can be realized more quickly and easily for our clients.

And with many of the best retail opportunities now taking place in mixed-use projects, it is more important than ever to have a multi-disciplined approach. ReStore leverages the knowledge and contacts of dedicated our experts in hospitality, multi-family, office, transportation hub and similar verticals, to uncover numerous retail opportunities that many retail-only brokers may not ever become aware of or know exactly what to do with until it’s too late.